Lyrics to Scratch Tha Dj
Scratch Tha Dj Video:
Stuck in traffic with the radio blastin'
DJ sayin' something nasty
Says I'm a poseur
Fake ballerina (?)
Says that Madonna (?) is a much better singer
We finally move get on the next exit
Find the station and park the Lexus
Find the room and the DJ asshole
Grab the mic: freestyle outcore (?)
Jude(?) the jam up the VU meter
Revenge radio, nothing sweeter
Somebody calls on the request line
"Hey hey Kitten, it's about fuckin' time!"
Play some records and tell it like it is
I'm sick of Stone Temple Pilot-jizz"
Can you play Lashorn(??)
Can you play Yoshimi
Her new 7" is pretty steamy
OK OK we'll do what we can
But we got to bail cos here comes the man
Siren blarin' down the street
Time to eat a feasty(?) treat
Fuckin' pigs that were on our ass
Thanks for callin' but we gotta move fast
So we put on Belly
Crank it all the way
Distort like a mothefucker every which way
Speaker pumpin' left and right
Split out the back, out of sight
Jumped in the car and back on the freeway
Free Kitten, god damn
It was a good day.
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