Lyrics to Scotia Home
Scotia Home Video:
Well I left my home in a Scotia town
Moved out west where I'd be found
Dreamin' well I'm dreamin'
Well I never thought my life would change
Always thought it'd be the same
But leaving I'm still believing

That childhood dream I'll have someday
Slowly starts to fade away
I'm seeing
So very close I could almost taste
Seems those years have been a waste
Decieving it's been decieving

Time has past but I still feel
The ocean breeze it seems so real
I'm hoping, just hoping
Someday soon if it all works out
Nova Scotia is where I'm bound
Believing, I'm still believing
I'll hear the waves against the shore
Seagulls cries at the fishing warf
I'm hearing
The mackerel runs and the dory boats
The simple ways I love the most
I'm dreamin' just dreamin'

I see her when I close my eyes
The Scotia land I once despised
Longing, just longing
It's been ten years or more it seems
But I've still got my memories
I'm holdin', just holding
Through the years I've wondered why
The grass seemed greener on the other side
But I'm learning
When I set my feet on that Scotia ground
Then I know I've surely found
The meaning, the meaning

Well it don't matter where I go
'Cause in my heart my Scotia home is waitin'
Just waiting
Good Lord knows I regret the day
I packed it up and moved away
But someday, maybe somday
I'm dreaming just dreaming
Believing I'm still believing
Lord I'm hoping, I'm hoping
Yeah believing, I'm still believing
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