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Lyrics to Scot Vs Kers
Scot Vs Kers Video:
This is scot kers
Let me have the verse
You always hogged the spotlight you forgot
That i grab the words
You ain't really that cunt!
Thinking that you mad fuck you still the same chap smoking cones
You wouldn't have lunch
But ohh the fame
How its playing with your brain
Your rhyming single syllables and everything is lame
What happened to the passion in the rapping in your actions
Lately make me think your crazy lazy
Thinking like your knacked
And its sad you
Bomb yourself with tattoos
Think your in a bad crew look at you, you sad move
Let me have my life back
I stabb myself like die rap
Kerser on your face the ink got placed well never dry that
Right there was a scream for help
And everytrack you drop you saying your being yourself
Your a fucking liar addict
Pop a pill you isn't magic kinda tragic
Your obsession being fresh
You just a maggot
I dont want your fucking car
Your fucking shoes the fucking whole lot
Let me take my brain
And have my life back as the old scott
Your fucking fame whore
Run-away in pain or
Go an jump on stage raw have another 8 more
Of them xannies you anxiety pathetic
And your writing ain't a message
Because you finding you regret it
But its a sercet
And its burning you admitt it
You fucking junkie pull your head in
And call yourself the sickest dickhead!!!

Hahaha its kerser the sickest, ahh i think scots tripping out abit
Ill break it down this is the truth

Its kers one the fucking mircale from brith
And scottie getting angry cause he's fearing all the work
Think about it scott
You could barely hold a job
And i made the rapping happen
Now you feeling like you lost
You fucking took a backseat
I went and rang the baller
State to state im working late of course im gonna score drugs
Without the kers you still be in the fucker gutter bludging off your mother
Even taking money from your younger brother
You hate the arrogance
It took you as a shock to
Dont let these people
Try to tell you that im not you
I represent the struggle
Your the drug you couldn't hustle
Im your only fucking talent shit i hate to burst your bubble
Imagine life without me
You wouldn't have a house g
I threw the g in there to match that single syllable ouch shee
Come an took it over now
You fucking skitzafranic
Remember when you made a prayer
To god about me that's pathetic
And fucking oath i pop pills
I roll blunts
I got bills
But they all pay because kerser took control so what is scot still?
The one to make it better
Youre a fucking joke admitt it
Kerser one im signing out ill end with the sickest dickhead!

So which one am i
Should i choose to end it all
Call a mate i mean ain't that what all your friends are for?
Im fucking so lost
I dont know whats what
Day by day i live for kers
Im feelling like now scots lost

But this is scot right
Or just scared of the spotlight
Living like hes livin
Everyday im feeling scot hides

But thats it i mean its sure to hurt
Kind of making sense why they fucking call you kers, reverse
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