Lyrics to Science
Science Video:
I'm stuck here in the middle of
This mess that i don't understand
Come on wake up
Open my eyes
It's raining on fifth avenue
The lovers have all gone to ground
I know you're crying
But i don't ask why
Make pleasantries with everyone
We're cruelest to the ones we love
Just keep smiling now

Your science is breaking my heart in two
And I know that we will soon be enemies
Time will tell

I'm watching too much television
They tell me all the news is bad
I don't even care
I don't ask why
We used to want the same things
We never want the same things now
Come on wake up

All of the stars are falling from the sky
These oceans open wide
And drag me under
As these rivers start to green and the waves keep Crashing in
And drag me under
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