Lyrics to Schizo
Schizo Video:
I shouldn't have had the last beer,
didn't mean to be sick,
to start something that couldn't finish
was not a very clever trick.

Shouldn't have taken that girl home,
you know I'll pay for it now.
Shouldn't have run that red light,
I gotta get to work some how...

I must be a schizo, look at what I do.
How I see the world is the same as you.
But sometimes I cant help anything I say...
Bite my tongue and wish that I could runaway...

Why did I make that last bet,
my families gonna suffer now,
Take another mortgage on the family home,
gotta tell my wife somehow.
So why did I check that big guy,
can't tell me I was thinking straight.

My common sense went out the window,
reality came back too late.
So why did I take that girl home,
you know I'll pay for it now.
Say "I do" sign on a dotted line,
but I don't wanna make a marriage vow
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