Lyrics to Schizo Boy
Schizo Boy Video:
Somebody slipped somethin' into my drink
And ever since I haven't felt the same

(Kaboom, varoom, shaboom baby boom)

Have you ever felt yourself drift into space
(Baby boom)
And oddity that must have been displaced
Not everything I do is evident
I'm gonna shoot me a president

Schizo boy

Not everything I do has been pre-deranged
I am hanging pictures in my mental frame
My need for care is evident
I should be a Bellevue resident

(You're never alone with a schizophrenic)

I'm a schizo boy
(Kaboom, varoom, shaboom baby boom)

Somebody give the doctor a call
Before I rip this phone from the wall
Now I'm hearing voices inside my head
I want to get me some rest
Sex with myself is near the end
When Beavis and Butthead are my best friends
Peter, Greg and bobby got nothing on me
And Cherry plays the bass like Danny Bonaduce

Yeah yeah yeah!

Schizo boy
(Kaboom, varoom, shaboom baby boom)

Everything I say gets edited
I could surely use a sedative

(Feed me, freaky, oh)

And wouldn't you like to be a schizo too?
Songwriters: Arens, Brynn
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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