Lyrics to Scenarios
Scenarios Video:
(feat. Niki Ahu)

[Verse 1:]
6 Before Dawn.
He Walks In With A Different Smile.
She's Sitting There Crying.
Rehearsing How To Le Thim Go. Telling Him She's Leaving.
Before She Says A Word, One Knee Is On The Floor.
He Reasons With Excuses And Sweet Talking. And It Hurts.
Shes Heard It All Before.
She's Sick Of All The Lying And The Cheating But She Cant Let Go.

Why, Why Tell Me Why.
U Don't Have To Cry No More
U Don't Have To Hurt No More

Baby Tell Me Why Why Why
U Don't Have To Stay No More
U Don't Have To Hurt No More
Tell Me Why

[Verse 2:]
Woke Up This Morning.
Finally All Alone.
Got To Rest My Head And Think About All This Pain Till You Come Back Home.
And You Know Boy.
All These Things That You Do To Me.
Makes Me Wonder And Realize.
Theres No Doubt About.
Satisfactory Is The Word Depise To You.

[Verse 2:]
Why Do We Do Th Ethings We Do?
Because We Dont Know Better Sometimes.
Why Do We Say The Things We Say?
Never Meant To Hurt Nobody.
Baby, Baby, Baby.
Why Do We Do The Things We Do.
Cause I Dont Want To Cry No More.
You Know That Love Is Here To Stay.
Love Is Here To Stay, Love Is Here To Stay Babe.

[Chorus x2]
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