Lyrics to Scarecrows
Scarecrows Video:
I wish we could be vampires, let the sun set us on fire.
I've got your picture on the flyer, that's on my wall.
I like to think I'm solid stone, I need to spend my time alone.
So why I feel you in my bones, with your hands on my soul.

How's about that me and you, forgot this life to start anew?
Like two scarecrows that upped and flew, flew...far away.

Never got to see much sun, been stuck in darkness far too long.
And where have all our twenties gone? Well, its difficult to see.

We never seem to play that song, we never seemed to care.
Only ever seem to care, that's all it seemed. That's all it seemed.

And more than just amphetamine, and wanting to be Steve McQueen.
In the one that had the car chase scene, through San Francisco.

My need for you could become such, that I could love you far too much.
And lose the pain I need to touch. Yes, it's all I know.
It's all I know my dear, but it's all I know.
You're my echo my dear, it's all I know.

And fuck the money we ain't made, and let the words drop off the page.
And let the music be my cage, and let it be yours.
I really had to be at mind, and feel the need to speak my mind.
You think that we're two of a kind. What could ever be?

Could we ever be, my dear? Could we ever be?
Will we ever be, my dear? Will we ever be?
Could we ever be, my dear, well, what could we be?
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