Scarecrow And The Magpie Lyrics

Who Cares

Who Cares

Lyrics to Scarecrow And The Magpie
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The sun rose red and yellow til the blue came back
On a morning when everything seems to steam with affability
He walks with a brisk pace leaving dusty tracks to see about today's food availability.
Under the same yellow and red dots soaking the flood of energy that slowly wraps his stale face.
Hangs a man that can't stand when it's hot but only lives to reap the day when he protects this place.
From people like you, he abruptly screams at the passing magpie
Who only smiles to the scare crow
I've only come to make friends, he replies with a gleam but
If you really want I guess that I could go
Why would someone like you try to be my friend?
You think it's funny when ugly people out here are abandoned?
Every time I try to speak you all just turn and fly away
The farmer is my only friend I really think it's best this way
No one wants to walk with something this hideous
My clothes are old scraps from the backs of cracked sailing ships
Hey listen man at least you've got a place to live
And a family on the farm with the decency to visit
My mom kicked me out to fly I guess the rest is history
I fell to the ground, and she never came to rescue me
Magpies all fly except me, take a closer look man I've got see-through wings.

You are the only friend I've ever had
I would never joke or let you feel sad
I only wanna sing to you instead
Replace the screaming voices in your head
I don't wanna lie or try to hurt you.
Never run away, never desert you.
You're my entire world until it rots
We never look back until we get caught
Sailing on the spirit of our song
Tasting the most of moonlight til it's gone
You are the best friend I've ever had
I'll make you laugh whenever you feel sad
When you're asleep I'll sing to you in bed
Replace the scary dreams stuck in your head
When you wake we'll run away together
We'll find a place and hide out there forever

You got the best spot on the farm
I wish you only knew how many others here were jealous
You should let go of that haystack charm
Look around out here at all the other creatures sent to kill us
I know how hard it is when you feel worthless
But at least you aren't out searching for a sense of purpose
From the top of each stalk to the ground where your feet hit
Every time you go to sleep you know that you'll be needed
What kind of job is standing out in the heat?
I've been alone for decades, no matter what they always leave
If only I could walk too, then maybe I would follow you
But I'm deserted on this stake, there isn't much that I can do
I wouldn't wanna leave the farmer any way
He's the only one that loves me, what would he say?
If I ever let you stay here my answer remains clear
You'll only leave me any way, you should have never stopped here

Hey, I know how it feels to get left, I have four brothers and sisters that I've never even met
And even though the lonely nights stretch for so long
I can feel them watching over when I sing these songs
Believe me, it's true, I can share it with you
When the rapture overflows, you'll be soaked in it too
Hey, never mind about the see-through wings
The only way I'll ever fly is if you listen to me sing

(Thanks to Rose T for these lyrics)
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