Scandal At The Parkade Lyrics

Final Fantasy

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Lyrics to Scandal At The Parkade
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Your equations, your essays never hit an illogic mind.
Aim for that heart, aim for it, we will leave the logic behind.
You'll travel far, you'll travel, boy, you'll see the end of Bahati.
You'll see them fall, you'll see them pay, you'll be the end of Yoweri.

Co co, co co co.

They're getting soft, they're getting old, you'll see the end of Johnny.
Don't make a story, make a hit, you'll see the end of Golding.

Cause all that they know'd of cottages
Cottages buttoned them down, buttoned them down
Once they got into cottages
Cottages buttoned them down
Let them pick up th'attack, th'attack, th'attack, th'attack, th'attack,
We gonna button them down
And all that they know'd of cottages buttoned them down.
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