Lyrics to Scaling The Derry Wall
Scaling The Derry Wall Video:
Careless people shot
Innocent people killed
Little children injured
Blood and brain spilled
Scalling the derry wall
No conscience for those involved
Freedom their only call
Hiding behind black masks
Scaling the derry wall
Scaling the derry wall
One way communications
Nobody really cares
Of the soldiers who stand their guard
Protecting while they dare
Scaling the derry wall
All mothers sons they volunteer
Unaware of their destiny
Serving for their government
Across the irish sea
Scaling the derry wall
Serving an argument
Created long ago
Who it benefits and who it kills
Nobody wants to know
Scaling the derry wall
So if you sign up for a career
And play the governments farce
Take your gun and tell them
Stick it up your arse
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