Lyrics to Say Goodnight
Say Goodnight Video:
I stood alone, on this dark cold mid-may morning
You said you wanted, to be no more than friends
Started to stare blankly, with no emotion on my face
Inside I was dieing, dieing in my place of confusion

Too many nights left undone
We are both here but alone

Why did you let me go that night?
I have to leave this house
I have too many memories here
Just say goodnight
Say goodnight

Touch the big brass doorknob but you said, â??don't go,
I want one last night with youâ? but I said, â??I still don't knowâ?

You face could not be any cuter but I still have to go
Your eyes are flooding with emotion so, say goodnight

So I left, with all the words you spoke to me
Resounding over in my head
Car in drive at 65, trying to escape you
I cant you'll always be in my heart

Too many nights left undone
Oh, we are both here and so young, so young
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