Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight Lyrics

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Lyrics to Say Goodbye, Say Goodnight
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It hurts to say it's over, as it stares me in the face
Running my mind over all the remains of this place
A multitude of memory , How can I walk away
From your cup I nurtured, Becoming what I am today

Your arms were always open, warmth and shelter free
And every night I fell asleep you laid along side me
Lifeless I will be when my history is gone, How can I venture out with out you
To fall back upon

And I'll hold on to, all the times I had with you
As I rest my head, for the last time in this bed
Say goodbye, say goodnight
Say goodbye, say goodnight

The emptiness is shaking the in of me out loud
The outward of my innocence has fallen to the ground
To know I'll never touch something as good as this again, Why must we run away
You were my only friend.
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