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sawameki dake ga
kokoro o sashite
kikoenai mune no toiki
toki o wasurete motome samayou
takanaru omoi nurashite

(Only the heart's pounding
stab my heart
the silent sight of the heart
forget the time the plea roams about
wet the though/feeling that makes
the heart pound)

Run away from reality
I've been crying in the dream

ká´ritsuita toki ni furuete
yugande mieni kioku kasaneru
kanashimi ga kieru made

(Shiver in the time that was frozen
piling up distorted memories
until the grief vanishes)

* You say anything
kizutsuke au kotoba demo (the fitting word blesses but)
say anything
tachikirenai kokoro ni (to the heart that cannot sever)

You say anything
Just tell me all your sweet lies
say anything
enji kirenai kokoro ni (to the heart that cannot lie)

If I can't go back to where I have been
yume no naka ni dake ikite
owaranai ame ni nureru
nagareru namida o
hakujitsuyume ni somete

(Live only in dreams
getting wet in the endless rain
colour the running tears in my day

You say anything
wathever you like to say to me
say anything
you leave me out of my eyes
you say anything
all I can hear is voice from dream
say anything
you can dry my every tear

akari no kieta (the lights have gone out)
on the stage
hitori mitsumete
hibi ni dakareru
kowashite kure nani mo ka mo
kazatta ai mo
toki no suna ni kieru made

(staring lonely
embraced by the days that have gone
destroy(ing) everything,as well
the adorned love,
until it vanishes in the sand of time)

* repeat

Close your eyes and
I'll kill you in the rain
kirei ni koroshi aeba
zá´ka no bara ni umoreta
shijin no namida wa
kioku ni nagarasete

(if a beautiful murder is fitting
the artificial rose is buried
shedding tears of a poet in
the memories)

Time may change my life
but my heart remains the same to you
time may change your heart
my love for you never changes

You say anything
kitzutsuke au kotoba demo (the fitting word blesses but)
say anything
tachikirenai kokoro ni (to the heart that cannot sever)

You say anything...
say anything...
Now you've gone away
Where can I go from here?
Say anything...
say anything...

I believed if time passes,everything turns into beauty
If the rain stop, tears clean the scars of memory
Everything starts wearing fresh colours.
Every sound beginds playing a heartful melody.
Jealousy embellishes a page of epic.
Desire is embraced in a dream

But my mind is still in chaos and...
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