Lyrics to Say Accio
Say Accio Video:
Oh, yeah

Some say Hermione is castin' a charm spell
Some say her knowledge is beyond compare
Guess she's the one to ask
Oh yeah, all right, which spell, is right

Flick of the wand hand
Watch out where you stand
Something is flying towards my head
Guess that's the spell to know

Say Accio
This charm is for summoning
Say Accio
Her skill is so humbling

I can't confront you, I never could use
The spells that you do, I try but I lose
When I say, "Expelliarmus is a spell that's used
to diffuse any wizard's bad mood, don't misuse."

Say Accio
For fire, use incendio.
Say Accio
To fix, please use reparo.

Hermione, I ask you, what spells are best in battle?
Confringo, Confundo, these are good or so I hear
Expecto Patronum can conjure happy feelings
Avada, Kedavra, this bad spell is the killing curse!
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Say Accio
Your spells stop the Quidditch beater
Say Accio
Malfoy is a Death Eater.
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