Saviour Money Lyrics

Vic Mensa

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Lyrics to Saviour Money
Saviour Money Video:
Save this money
Save this money
Stay getting money
Save this money

Savin! Savin, savin!
Savin! Savin, savin

[Chance The Rapper]
Saved all my money
Saved all my money
Started with nothing but now I'mma hundred

[Caleb James]
You pop beans, I sip lean
Your sprite white, my shit pink
Nigga this here my daddy house, I was running things since I was 15
I was running from the teachers, fucking hoes under the bleachers (ewww)
Up in class smelling like reefer, got a bank rolled in my sneakers
Like Wayne I'm hot boy breakin down that crop boy
My nigga Coach K from the A, I told him drop the top boy
Hating you should stop boy, real nigga you not boy
You don't want them problems, my niggas come down your block boy

[Joey Purp]
Save money we got it
I'm smoking on exotic
And my girl ain't got no stomach
Every time she eat she vomit
Coughin' on that potent
Shipped in some Oakland
Go to Houston for that potion
Got me living in slow motion
But I'm straight from the MidWest
Say they want beef but a nigga won't test
Killers don't sleep so the niggas don't rest
Bust a hallow tip teeth straight thru his mothafuckin chest
Them Chicagorillas, Chi-Town home of the stonecold killas
Where the niggas kill stones, cuz them stones gonna get us
If a nigga die slow then they gon' come wit'cha


[Vic Mensa]
Save this money ain't shit funny
I keep this shit one hunnit
Dick she get it if she want it
And my mommy said she ready, she said come and get me
I'm the unabomber, make that pussy Armageddon
Eat it like spaghetti, meat balls in her mouth boy
My people all in the house, they burning reefer bowls in the couch boy
You smoked out in that coach house
Started breaking shit and then broke out
Got her taking dick in that whole mouth
My grave and bitches they both South

[Chance The Rapper]
Save pocket julu Chips up like Bugle
I can't spend that much my pockets just too frugal
My face on Google do you need Goggles?
Southside Chicago fuck you and fuck Blago
Welfare Wells Fargo fare well till tomorrow
Got father called up Father God can I borrow?
A dollar, dinero, or euro
My money is buried in burials and bureaus
Trip out

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