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So when they can't stop, won't stop
Who keeps the tank topped?
Who reaps the good sleep, keeps the receipts
I see 'em sucking up the last drop
Drop h2, stretch h3
Where the party at democrats?
Sittin on a muggy summer bench sippin muddy water
Peeping newsweek see what's up with sergeant slaughter
Hotter days on the way, turn you A.C slater up
Burn aloe vera green apple now and later
Yup pass that (sweet)
Mike Mictlan where the mask at?
Hand over what?
Hand over yours run that
Man over bored with the same crap down
Dehumanize communities like Black Hawk Down
They realize immunities and rape them towns
So we speak our minds so fluently with raw rap sounds
Alright tykes a Klondike bars on the line
We need a blind eye turned keep em simple refined
Oh the black gold Texas tea you're kiddin
There aint been good oil in Texas for a minute
Thats why we knocked over our own thrones
Then watch it combust end up in free speech zones that shock and awe was on us
Watch me ex-pat Brazillian if 85% of Guantanimo is civilian
Blood pumps vermillion beats dump all over a chump populous
Keeping they focus on Paris Hilton
Prada dead guilty as any internet thread big check
Probably got a lot of bad head
All night vision all night missions all right
Christ risen? tight nope call the prisons
Yikes the middle pickin the simple drivel
The riddles a head ripper splitter
Suburbanites will get the kibble (listen)
He double speech is legit
They on some stand up for yourself ou worthless piece of shit
Bet it all lose it all forget it
And saying fuck Bush gave that douche a splash too much credit
But smoking on Kush makes cats so apathetic
Cant beat em with a bat so we join em and spit the ethics
We beat em with a bat (yeah)
POS steadily wreck it for anybody who raps or naps on facts
Fill the in line six to End Hits
The oval office and the lobby prolly listen to Fugazi singin
This ones ours lets take another
Then they dance away clean like
Savion Glover
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