Lyrics to Save The Last Dance
Save The Last Dance Video:
I can whistle while I work but it doesn't make it better
I can live a lonely winter and pretend I'm all right
Or let my true side show for the world to see
Cause if they buy into gimmicks, they don't know the real me
Lately, I've been watching you. Girl, I love the way you move
You dance with the boys, then leave the love struck high
On the dance floor they all fight for your attention
While I'm plotting a scheme to steal the competition, girl
You swallowed up all my pride, but honey you're worth the fight
Oh honey, you're worth the fight

Let tonight be the night that the last dance will win you over
On the final song you'll get swept off your feet
The crowd circles where you stand, and they'll watch as I take your hand
Let tonight be the night that you save the last dance for me

A heavy-hitter go-getter is how I gotta deliver as a steadfast contender
But I'm weak in the knees
Cause you're a real life girl in a dream girl's body
Trailed by boys who keep up like paparazzi
And you, you don't even know who I am, but I'm playing my cards to win
Honey, I'm playing my cards to win
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