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Lyrics to Save Room For Me
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I think of what I could be doing
and let my future go to ruin, I know...

Sometimes when i see you cry I don't know
Anything that I can try tpo help you out of the hole.
Asking all the questions that you know the answers to.
All the time we're sitting here you question if they're true.

When there's nothing left for you to do to keep from feeling sick inside
and there's nowhere left for you to go that makes you want to stay alive
In your dreams you'll be where you're never alone
(If you want to be where you're never alone)
I'm inspiring, if you get there alone
save room for me!

Beat your head against the wall in your room all the time
Body wrecked, you legs are sore
It's been a long, hard downhill climb
They've tried to pull your lease on life
What more can they do?
Dreams about the only thing they can't take away from you!
Songwriters: KURT BLOCH
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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