Lyrics to Save my day
Save my day Video:
Downfall of the state

Tension is too late

And the fairytale has gone

She will never meet her prince â??humanityâ??

Would he beâ?¦

The bomb who inflicted her the penalty

(He amplifies hypocrisy)

He's losing all his credibility


Oh, what a perfect world with a perfect leadership

(Why did we let is sink?!)

Enhancing the struggles we're facing 'til we die

Sacrifices had been made again

With what result?!

The brother will avenge

Her death he glorifies

Black roses that have been created by stupidity

Additionally, liability

It's not only love that will make you blind

(I'm always in for a good fight)

Are you kidding me, I see the light!


Oh, what a perfect world with a perfect load of ship

(Why did we let it sink?!)

Nations achieving the solidarity

May God have no mercy at rotten souls
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