Save Money No Writtens Lyrics

Vic Mensa

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Lyrics to Save Money No Writtens
Save Money No Writtens Video:
[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
Know what I'm sayin, we in this bitch
We not going to rap on the mic no more
But to all niggas trying to enter the cypher man
Spitting something that they wrote down with the pen
Pre-meditated, you need need to hesitate it
Before you even -- resuscitate it
Because we don't fuck with that shit
You get stuck with that shit
It's GLC I'm gonna put the mic down
And we gon get to rappin

[Verse 2: Joey Purp]
Put the mic down, we put the mic down
My nigga right there
He said he put the mic down
I say I'm a king
Never put the crown down
Chilling at the temple crown, need to bow down

[Verse 3: Vic Mensa]
Remember we used to steal shit from downtown
Remember when them bitches had posters of Bow Wow
I bet they got me in their room now, shit crazy --

[Verse 4: Tokyo Shawn]
I'm down to get messy
Tell them hoes they ain't ready
Cut em up to confetti
Feelin like I am Messi
Catch me off in a jet ski, cause I'm so wavy
Tell your bitch she should date me

[Verse 5: Kami de Chukwu]
No, no, no
Catch me off in a jet ski
Or catch me on the left wing like Lavezzi
Kick a ball like Messi
Kick your ass like --
A nigga talking too nice
Came back, had to hit the seven with a two dice
Yup, chicken for my nigga
Dinner plates to keep it realler
If a nigga keep it --

[Verse 6: CJ]
Yo yo, and you know a nigga love his pollo
Bout to tell your bitch to jump, jump
Like a fuckin pogo
Oh no, everybody gonna want a piece now
And you know we gotta kick a freestyle
But fuck it tho
Holla no more for no bar
And you know I'm sharing this shit like blow ?

[Verse 7: Vic Mensa]
My nigga sayin some shit on Twitter
That had made me laugh
He said you niggas hate pork
But you been eatin that ass
I swear that shit it be wild
But niggas know I'm a nasty nigga
So that is my style
They ain't really worried about it
They ain't worried about me

[Verse 8: Tokyo Shawn]
They ain't even asked
They been eatin the ass
And I been havin to shit
You ain't need to ask
And if you wanted it quick
Then I needed a pass

[Verse 9: Kami de Chukwu]
I got the iron fists like Brutus
I'll betray you like Judas
This the Chance the Rapper raps (igh)
If a nigga knew this
I got your bitch feelin like she a nudist
Nah, that bitch a Buddist
That big booty got me fucked up
Yup I gon lucked up --

[Verse 10: Vic Mensa]
Alright real nigga shit, real nigga shit
Real niggs shit
On a track the way I move is like dancin
Have you ever woke up and heard a bitch chanting
I fucked a bitch who was a Buddhist
But last night she wasn't something religious
More like a nudist
Me, I stabbed her in the back just like Judas
I swear I got the white bitches Clueless
Shit easy, believe me
The way that a nigga get greasy
On some grimey shit
I'm like ? you on the 90's chicks

[Verse 11: Kami de Chukwu]
Mental? fist, pacifist
Resurrect like Lazarus
Jesus Christ from Nazareth
Yup, it's Chukwu
Kill you, in your stomach
Cut your stomach open like Seppuku
Yup, that's the Saw we judge
And it's off of the top
More often than not we battling cops we hated
Y'all niggas get smoked like Darth Vader

[Verse 12: Joey Purp]
Yup, battling cops
Black hoes we date em
White hoes me might smash twice
Niggas know they talking bout frees
Wouldn't pass rice, in a food fight
Little nigga do right
Save Money crew tight
Pro Era who nice?
We be...
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