Lyrics to Sauvie Island
Sauvie Island Video:
I'm gonna spend my summer picking cherries on Sauvie Island

And when the season's done, I'll move on to plums.

And when the plums are done, the peaches have begun.

I'm gonna spend my summer picking peaches on Sauvie Island.

I wish it was true.

Wish wish wish come true.

But we are different animals, there's nothing we can do.

But I'm a bear, too.

I'm a bear, too.

I wish it was true

Wish wish wish come true

but i know that its fantasy, and I wont follow through

I won't follow through, I wont follow through

I wont, follow through, I know that its fantasy

and I...wont...follow...through.

Huckleberry Eater, I see you.

Don't acknowledge me

and when i need to, I'll reveal you.
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