Lyrics to Sasquatch
Sasquatch Video:
There was some scientists
tryin to figure out
the Sasquatch riddle.
then they figured out it was a missing link.

In Search of Sasquatch...
that was a kick-ass "In Search Of..."
with Leonard Nimoy
kickin out the Jams.

He captured imagination
Of people all around the globe
His name was Sasquatch...
so I'm told...

His legend's ancient
in the ancient scribe
of the indian tribe...
Apache tribe.

Sasquatch... we know your legend's real.
Sasquatch... we know your love is real.
Sasquatch... you are real.

Scientists have proven that the Sasquatch- he is real.
There is no question that Sasquatch- hey you know he's real.
Take a look at the plaster cast of his foot fuck you know it's real
Twice as fuckn big as fuckin Shaq's foot- god fuckin now you know he's real.
There's no way he's a guy in a gorilla suit.
No fuckin way! He's real!
Did you see the film? The fuckin film? Fuzzy film?
Then you fuckin know now you know he's real.
Listen on to the audio tapes, now you know that he's real, he's real.
Everytime i take a dump i know Sasquatch is real.
Look inside my anus and you'll know Sasquatch is real.
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