Lyrics to Sasara
Such a strange pre-occupationSuch a strange peculiar breedHow it's shining in its armourMade of gold and made of steelIt can strike a chord inside youLike a generation's needSpeaking happy words of promiseBig generatorLives out of sightBig generatorHands upon the wheelMoving to the leftMovin'oMving to the rightBig generatormoving through the nightSecond nature sacrificeEven if you close your eyesWe exist through this strange disguiseI have heard it said to someoneOr maybe it was meThere is a reason to experiencePsychedelic so we could seeTo be growing up before usLike the black and white of loveBe the focusBe the chorusBig generatorHands upon the wheelBig generatorIn for the killSecond nature comes aliveEven if you close your eyesWe exist through this strange deviceMoving to the leftMoving to the rightBig generatorMoving through the nightWe are the voices of the big generatorMoving through the nightMovin'Flying out the soft machine, we offerAll surprise to youPraise oh praise this anthem generatorMoving through the nightMovin'We are the voice of every.

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