Sarah And The Fabric Of Reality Lyrics

Chris Merritt

Pixie And The Bear

Lyrics to Sarah And The Fabric Of Reality
Sarah And The Fabric Of Reality Video:
Sarah meant a lot to me
Sarah meant a lot to me
Sarah meant a lot to me
but she's just a freak on a rock out in space
and I'm a brain inside a man
much too affected by the plan
to ever really understand it
I see through the window of a fish-to-frog
and frog-to-ape
I change my shape
outside, inside, where's my God?

Albert meant a lot to me
Hawking meant a lot to me
Dawkins meant a lot to me
but they say Sarah, she ain't nothing but scum
but I know this to be a lie
cause she can look into the sky
and she can start to understand it
her brain is a mobile of the sun and moon
behind her face
is all of space and time
that's why, there's my God

how many million years? what does that mean?
how many billion years? was it fifteen?
reduce it to nothing but luck
that's enough time to make anything

question my soul, unlock my code, dig up my bones, space-time unfold

spark light quark bright fire mighty charge meet charge matter meet matter heat up cool down star quasar supernova sun moon planet cell fish shellfish brain mouth eyes legs man fire sing shout fight fire with fire

a multiversal view is more than Sarah can count cause that's an infinite amount
and there are infinite types
does that mean David is right? in at least one or most or all of them
if I'm a spiritual machine
take me back to the green hear me hear me

i want to live forever
shouldn't be too long now

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