Lyrics to Sara
Sara Video:
sara stood up out of bed
was as high as she could get
but the limit was the sky
way back when she was a kid

but now she's hooked on the casino
'cause it's always an open window
that keeps the wind in her sails
while everything in life just fails

she used to be a swan
now that bird is long gone
flown from a property
with no equity

sara buys the sunday paper
she likes to read wedding announcements
is he the son of a doctor
well if so, i bet that choice please her father
its not the same to tear wows
nor the white picket fence house
but the inenvitable parting
the ending of the dream starting

the medication she's on
keeps her moving along
but she's still afraid to sing
afraid that she will be seen
and look like a fool
like she did in eighty two
when he finally told her the truth
"i found someone new"

and you may think it is pathetic
sadness must be genetic
but if someone shot you through your window
yeah you may live to feel the wind blow
but will you be able to stand up?
walk around and throw your hands up?
and if those bullets fly again
what the hell will you do then?

what the hell will you do then?
yeah, what the hell will you do then?
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