Sao Paulo Rain Lyrics

Tom McRae

Tom McRae

Lyrics to Sao Paulo Rain
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There's always a party on funeral row
Where the cross flashes red to the street
And gasoline dreams of girls in blue jeans
He's grazing the surface of sleep

The vultures on main street are eyeing you up
Calculating the wait of your bones
And midnight graffiti appears on your door
So we all can sleep safe in our homes

And the storms in the distance hold no rain
And i feel my resistance giving way
Shelter me from this sky
Dance wiht me one last time
Sao paulo rain
Sao paulo rain

Do not disturb this blood red earth
There's giants sleeping beneath
And carnival queens on their deathbed scenes
All go through the motions of grief
Take another hit
Let the bottle slip through your fingers and
Break like a promise made
The day i remember
My heart i will keep
My voice i surrender
And i will not speak to lie

We were so alive
We were so alive
Shelter me from this sky
Dance with me one last time
Sao paulo rain
Sao paulo rain

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