Lyrics to Santa Ana
Santa Ana Video:
Punk rock, false start
What happened to your heart?
You threw it into the water
To come back up from bottom

Glued in, spiked hair
Yeah we played shows with no one there
And the ghosts were always clapping
The sound guy always laughing

I would have burned a million cities
If you would have sat there beside me
To watch the smoldering sun collapse

Get high, don't care
Lose the keys I'm better here
Don't know our way around this town
Yeah SoCal's fucking awful now

Guilty, as charged
Ripped off all your fucking songs
Cause love is in the details
When it's experience you want

I would have wrote a million bad checks
If you would have waited to cash them
And watch me go down in

Santa Ana

I would have climbed a million mountains
If you would have watched me fall down them
And every day I'm stuck here in

Santa Ana
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