Lyrics to Sandcastles
Sandcastles Video:
The funnest game we ever play
Is thinking of where we could run
Away together further and
Further everyday.

A party bag filled to the top
Of different places we could stop.
A pillow case on Halloween
That's overflowing with daydreams.

I'll take you to the north
And we'll go sledding everyday.
We'll be pulled by a pack of house cats
In our favorite wooden sleigh.

Oh, you'll take me to the seaside
And we'll keep a flock of sheep.
We'll swim all day, then rule the land
In a sand castle on the beach.

Remember when we walked for hours
Back and forth on Prince and Bowery?
Were you truly upset?
Did you really mean it when you said?

?I'll never let you take me
Anywhere ever again.?
Was that a threat, exaggeration
Or were you just making conversation?

I promise there're a million other
Places I could get us lost,
A thousand unmarked doorways
A handful of awkward double-stops.

I'll lose myself in you
If you will lose yourself in me,
Then we can wander around aimlessly
Looking for someplace new to eat

I wonder if one day we'll finally
Find the nerve to run away.
What games will we invent?
What will it be like in the end?
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