Lyrics to Sanctuary
Sanctuary Video:
The engine is hot, and the wind is wild
Come on, darling
Don't tarry
Aren't you weary of dreams and hard-luck schemes?
This'll be our sanctuary
The car is warm from the chill outside that can creep into your bones
I was trying to remember if I brought everything
But there's nothing that you really own

Caution to the wind
You can never go back again

We have tried for years to play by the rules on the ladder of success
And I was stepping up to make my first rung and saw this vision of my brokenness
Since that time, I became an inspector of storm damage done for life
I've been picking up the pieces of my might-have-beens, and I hold them up to the light

Far as the East is the from the West
Deeper than the deepest ocean
I been running all my life on borrowed feelings
Devoid of emotion
The windshield wipers are counting time
Too heavy for us to carry
Was that a whisper of the Holy Ghost?
This'll be our sanctuary
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