Lyrics to Samsara
Samsara Video:
I never said that I was a saint.
It wasn't up to me to let you assume.
But you believed me all the same.
Dragged it on when I knew it was doomed.

I hate you for believing.
I hate me for deceiving.
Can't you see I'm a trickster?
Bad for angels, born a sinner.

I'm over being afraid.
Did you really shove me to this?
Or do I need someone to blame?
Cos I'm too scared to admit.

Just hate me, I'm begging.
The cycle of suffering.
I scream "Samsara"
I've cursed you forever.

Visible markings.
Show the point of.
No return.
So your suffering's.
All but forgotten.
How you burn.
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