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Lyrics to Same Way Of Saying
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Plugs without a socket
There's no moon without a rocket

Holes if you could lock it
I wouldn't let you if you wanted to
Court or you're bad
Bad when you're good
Close â??em off and let him go home

I never want to leave ya
But I wont want to grieve ya
When ya money come around I'll be home

No one gets to laugh at you

I know a bike with a plate
A special plate forgetting' me
Your home is not my home and your bone is not mine, no'm
things that I could want and delay

let's smoke some buds, Steve
let's smoke some buds come on
let's smoke some buds come on

I'm hoping for somebody
Somebody who will love me
And I'm not sure that that's very ssss--hard to find
Cause I never really looked
I never really took
A second glance at something you said

I'm leaving on my fly you know
You know
No way I do

Oh leaving don't you know
Come on
Come on
Come on

(kinda feel like Husker Du on this one)

Buy me a postcard
Put it in the mail
Buy me a boat
And we'll set sail
Buy me a ship
It's just the same
Same way of saying the same thing

Oh, no one gets to lie
When it gets down too close to theâ??
Nevermind, forget what I said
It meant nothing
To you or me, you or me

I met a man
A man who taught me something
Something about tying knots on a girl's forehead
I never learned
â??Cause I never had eight children
And I never wanted them

But now
Now I'm getting older
Maybe I'd like to fuck a woman and make one
I don't know if I should
Because I don't have a real steady job
Because I don't have a real special...
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