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Worn Thin

Long Road Ahead

Lyrics to Same Mistakes
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What you said, even in my sleep. the pain i cannot forget, and it's there, it just won't go away. i'm moving forward beyond the darkness that surrounds us everyday. looking back, can't you see there's nothing left o you and me, can we break the silence? will this ever change a fucking thing? now it's gone. the silence in the room tells me there's no turning back. and now i know that you think i will never change. i'm sorry for the pain. i'm sorry i fucked things up again. same mistakes over and over in my head. could i have done things better then? and i can't find the words to say, your disapproval is poison straight to my head. i let you down again, your disappointment cuts straight to my chest. i let you down again, all i ever wanted was your approval. i let you down again. i let you down

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