Lyrics to Salutations
Salutations Video:
To whom it may concern
The litter box has overflowed
The frozen dinner burned
Oh we're running low on wine, my man
Could you please swing by the store
My TV's just reality
And I can't watch no more

There's a shining diamond somewhere
Where a kid is strikin' out
His dad is in the dugout
He's foamin' at the mouth
A stomach's turnin' sour inside of a disappointed scout
Yeah he thought he'd found the real deal
But now he's got his doubts

So it's over before it began
But I could nurse you in the triage
I could stick you with some pins
But it's hopeless
These rules make no sense
First they say we can't be lovers
And now they say we can't be friends

This medicine don't work
Had that same thought ten thousand times
It's only gettin' worse
Swore off temptation
But what if it's what I really wanna do
But how could I apologize
For tellin' you the truth

There's a burnt out light bulb above my head
It's storin' my ideas
There's a yearbook on the book shelf
That can't explain the years
Well I never should have signed it
But you know summer's comin' soon
When I almost drowned
You gave me mouth to mouth
Beside your neighbor's pool

It was over before it began
You could've left me in the water
But you made me live again
And I'm sorry
I can't pay you back
I wanna hold you 'til the world dissolves
But we just can't get attached
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