Lyrics to Saltash Luck
Saltash Luck Video:
Man I wonder - you spent the summer south
riding bikes instead of punching time clocks.
If voices said go to Colorado - it's such a scenic place to end a story.

You'd been waking up to shit;
stood in the background watching.
Couldn't tell what was in your head;
you didn't say 'cause you don't like talking, no.

You, idling and counting steps left to go.
You got your radio; more the days go by, more the static drones.

Stuck waiting for a couple words to bleed through.
I remember you couldn't get inside.
It's a long way home.

If I'm out your way I'll stop someday; think
I heard someone say out West on 55.
Ask why, ask what for.
I blame it on your Saltash luck,
your twenties, and North Dakota
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