Lyrics to Saints
Saints Video:
You're the party in my bones
And the second thought my brain could hold
On how to live life
Even when it gets stolen
Cause yours was taken
And I blame the sky
But you'd never waste your time
On blaming the clouds
You'd raise your glass
And make a toast
From here on out
I toast to you.
To You.

So teach the saints how to laugh
I hope I've got a few more years till I'm heaven sent
Show the blessed the life you lead
The Lord is my Shepherd
I shall not want

Your heart was a machine
Giving life all around you
But last night the world cried
When it said goodbye to an Angel
And now, death is apparent
And your voice has departed
But your eyes are the sun
And I'm the one of many bathing
Send me your grace
And through my face
You're gonna burn

(Thanks to Matt for these lyrics)
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