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Lyrics to Sailors Grave
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Sink or Swim!
drown in this life
or search for some meaning
drift with the tide
are you gonna sit back betray your own feelings?
in a city where everyone knows your name
hard to find the spark keep going strong
gotta shut it all out break free of self doubt
or just succumb to a miserable cycle
just a clone a clone i dont wanna be
fight the tide, the tide of narrow minds
set adrift water logged gotta take control
storms ahead, living in regret never helps your soul
fucking make me whole
sink or swim!
get lost in the waves or take care of business
drift with the tide
if im going under ill fight for survival
i cant stand it, i wont fake it
i wanna walk in fields of gold
i cant stand it, i wont take this
living life in a fucking sailors grave
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