Lyrics to Safety
Safety Video:
it all sounds the same to me-
rock'n'roll has lost its grease
and i refuse to listen to this bullshit anymore.

force your anger, it's ok. force your anger, it's ok
cause everyone believes you when you've got the coolest shoes.
is it any wonder we hate ourselves?

and is it any wonder we're bored and selfish,
sick and clinging
with cautious hands to safety.

walking down these streets most days,
town creates a plastic shade
for souless men and women fitting into their fabricated roles.

theives and simpletons
we are theives and simpletons
and when it's time to close my eyes,
i'll know this truth and die.

time to look at our pathetic lives and ask, "what was i scared of?"
or be the drunkest you can be,
so fucking drunk you can't see anything that might upset things,
nothing but your science nothing but your drink nothing but your television
but a chimp that cannot hold its liqour will eventually break.

he has his condoms, he has his premonitions.
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