Lyrics to Safety
Safety Video:
(feat. Dima Bilan)

You saved, you know you saved me
When you never gave up on me baby
Walked away, you care about me now I'm yours

My heart was so rejected
You gave me shelter to protect it
Far away, so reconnected
Now I'm yours
And I...


Wish you could see the way I see you
Just like the morning when it breaks through
Best part of me is when I met you
And I'm never gonna leave, that'll never be
If I could give you what you gave me
Then you would know what that'd make me
When the world is trying to knock you...
I'll be your safety

The chains, I felt you break them
Wrapped your arms around me to replace them
Took my hand, forgave my mistakes and now I'm yours
That's why I'm always gonna be there
When life reminds us that it's not fair
I'll pick you up and take you to a place where I am yours


Tell you once, tell you twice, tell you every time
I'll never leave what I need, you're my lifeline
Through the darkest, coldest nights ohhh baby


I'll be your safety
You're safe, I'll be your safety
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