Lyrics to Safe In The Air
Safe In The Air Video:
i can't believe it's on your shoulders. with unbound hands this end is thin. don't slow down boy. make numb your heart before it swallows you whole. this is rain. and what you want isn't what you got. but this time i swear you will be free. from everything and everyone. of those poison voices that ring inside your mind. chasing to never find that razors will rust. this is not us. weight the world down without a word. i can't open you're only safe here in the air. back and forth. meet again. here is the chance you've waited for. hearing the echo from that farthest door. but i can't swim this dark lake alone. and where is the proof that this has been more black. than this has been golden. and you're almost there. this has been golden one too many times before. tell me what i want to hear. everyone is built in fear of everything they know and trust. this is not us. anymore than it is you

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