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Lyrics to Safe As Houses
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Blank page form the start
now it begins sequel time
feel the breeze of belonging
feelings that ive always craved
November came December went
January swerved off track
rejuvenated second month
and since then not looked back
i quit searching so long ago
never thought that id return
uncovered a meaning lost inside
problems shared full of healing
for future reference i am writing these words
bookmark this song i can always return
a turning point forever be heard
i feel alive form now and beyond
never though that u would say
three words that mean the world to me
cured those words four years ago
promised i would take my time
the mountains i have longed to climb
seen the light in your eyes
felt the warmth of your touch
explored a mind of perfection
but u can safely say ive thought long of those days
where our lives would meet and we built our dreams
and i can safely say we searched long for this day
now its all come true and i feel brand new
we will shine forged anew
we will shine forged anew
what we share paved in stone
in days to come our love will always shine
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