Safe And Comfortable Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to Safe And Comfortable
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pull me close enough so i can feel your breath and exactly what you mean
leave off the lights / it's my time / let them disappear / we don't need to be seen
for tonight i'll believe in touch / comes light with us between
so let your hair down right for me and follow what i say
tell me how i'm the only one that you live and breathe to see
because i can't bear to think of those
who might of been here before feeling the same for you
love doesn't care for us at all, how could it when it hardly knows us
it creeps on prayers for cleaner hands and hates to even see us
asleep once again / unnoticed how time has past
but in a little while i can make the room go dark
and all this loneliness would mean nothing at all it had nowhere to go
no one to see / no one to meet / nowhere to go
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