Lyrics to S.A.E.
S.A.E. Video:
Y'all ain't from around here, are you?
Where you boys tryin' to get to?
The swamp,
all right.

It's down this road right here,
you go down this road here
you go down a ways and you come up on
you come to some cross roads
keep going.

Some cross roads,
All right?

You go on down that road
straight on to a little dirt road leadin' on to the left,
there's some train tracks.
And you come up on a little river
with a
with a little shot gun house with an old pick up in the yard
don't turn there
don't take it.

You keep on going straight,
you'll come to a little river goin' across
you go up over the bridge,
come down on the other side
and you come right into the swamps.

It drops off, right into the swamps,
and that'll take you to the swamp.
It drops off right into the swamps.

Y'all ain't from around here, are ya?
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