Lyrics to Sacred Whisper
Sacred Whisper Video:
Whisper of fire is calling me
My icy corpse
needs his warm
His brightful mind is tempting me
I feel his comming...

This night you will possess it all
Everything but your soul
It was always yours you know
It is my greatest treasure
You have to give
Anything you want
We have to join our spirits
I'm waiting for you

Now I see the abyss of fire ocean
His hot breath is dancing on my skin
Tender touch of warm hand
Pleasure of freedom and life
You can see my kingdom
I am everything
Universe is my place
I am the sign
Of nature and life
My anger is worst
Then the wildest wind

Now I live in your every dream
Every crack of wood is my song
I am dancing in every bright
I am the essence of life
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