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Pride And Fall

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Lyrics to Sacred and Profane
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Hold your fate against my name
And contemplate if you're insane
It's of that image you once had
The future is bound to be so sad
And you have worked so hard to control this game
You know your life won't be the same

1 for the children that dread the lights at night
2 for the instinct that defines us what we are
3 for the times this snake will shed his skin
4 this picture my life once was framed in
5 for the times I've got my second score
6 for the times you made me come back for even more
6 is the number that comes back again and again
6 now you've lost control and woke the beast within

Is this the splinted home
Is this what you call your own
Is this the path you choose
Is this what you thought you'd never lose
And in this chaos you defend the soil we battled on
Don't close your eyes so tight
It's the image you have of me
When I bleed
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