Rye Whiskey & Wine Lyrics

Danny Michel

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Lyrics to Rye Whiskey & Wine
Rye Whiskey & Wine Video:
Rye whiskey Rye whiskey
Rye whiskey and wine
I get all misty every time

There's just old rags and pain cans and old turpentine
Everyone's leaving, they shut down the mine
They cleaned out the storefront and they took the stained glass
They pulled out the trani and they syphoned the gas

Shiver me timbers, shiver my spine
I drink to the sawmills and the western white pine
So hitch up the horses 'cause I feel just fine
I'll ride them to Carmacks and I'll bring back more wine

The chapel, the legion and the freemason hall
They left all the keys here it's like I own them all
So I'll buy the next round since we're frozen in time
Don't bother calling I cut all the lines
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