Lyrics to Ruth
Ruth Video:
oh Ruth untie the boat
these kisses at your throat
ask is Ruth in there
safe grade school winter warm
glue smell and tracing hands
make leaves and more leaves
there is an infinite of burns
finding David in the ferns
my stars it's juarez Mexico
seamless in Spanish pants
just three years later
from underneath the sand
with roots and bugs in hand
she chews and listens
happens heck as into hell
and a sex that calls to Christ to help
It's an animal it's a god
she moves through the well dressed dancing couples
alone but not bothered by it
and totally involved with her fruit
no one asks her to dance even though it's supposed to be her party
and the boysies find her total and slowish
spinning past as the firsting finish last by done
1:30 and I'm hungry of noon and a luncheon of ruthie
1:50 as I'm dreaming a June and a garden of bursting
It's 1950 over again where is my fresh diner daisy?
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