Lyrics to Running Regard
Running Regard Video:
Just a hypocrite, a fool a mistake

Do know what's my fault

and it's tragic when there is

Another fool near your feet

Try to let you know I'm always there

Don't let you go, Don't matter what

I try to get into your mind

I Bring out the worst in you

Follow the trail you leave behind

The wound is still bleeding

And it's hurting you again

Because of the butt of my sick jokes

And I annoy you with everything I say

But you slip away

Have nothing to grasp

No one to hold

Try to focus my mind on you

Create a picture of your face

How are you now, how would it be when I'm with you

The phone keeps ringing and you have to pick up

With my voice I'm chasing you away

I try to let you go and I'm giving you the creeps

Now you know that I am there for good

Inflame your anger and your pain

I'm always there but not insane
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