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Lyrics to Running In The Dark
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"You know something, it's best no to have what you need
because then, you start looking for what you need
and make it what you need
i tryin' leave poor, but we created out of poverty
That's Real!
it's what we didn't have that created Hip Hop
the minimal, not he maximal
making a dollar outta fifteen cents"

runnin' in the dark,
runnin' in the dark
years ago i was really runnin' in the dark
sleeping in the park, keeping in my heart
the secret of my art, i was runnin' in the dark
couldn't see a thing, just a little spark
i couldn't even sing, but something in my heart
kept me runnin' in the dark, runnin' for the start
in the dark, runnin' from my art
then i got the art, then i got the heart
to stop in the light everything alright
no more runnin' in the dark,
no more runnin' from my art, but now i fill whew so apart!
runnin' in the dark, from my art
was a part of the heart
that created the art from the start
runnin' in the dark
runnin' from my art
it's all about the journey & not the end of the start
some treat art like man on a chart
rapin'em, datin'em, shakin'em apart
keep runnin' from your art
and never look back
seek the purpose in your heart and never be whacked
yeah protect your, respect yourself
and when it's time to chose and lean
select yourself!
keep runing for your art, keep runnin in the dark
cause to much light you start fallen apart
to much hype you start callin your art
better than those
who first gave you your start
keep runnin' for your art
the art is the boulzie
and check it, your art the dot
life is trowing you, you gotta be smart
straight to your end, you gonna land at your start

with the world under you
remember the dark make your strong
and the light makes you comfortable
the whole world under you
remember the dark makes you strong
but the light makes you comfortable

keep runing for your art
for your art in the dark

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