Lyrics to Runaway Girl
Runaway Girl Video:
I fell in love with a runaway, a little runaway girl Each night she's all that I dream about, my little runaway girl She used to make me glad Now I'm sad & I feel so bad Oh why must I always be waiting for little runaway girl? My friends all told me I'm wastin' time with my runaway girl How did I know it was just a line from my runaway girl She broke my heart in 2 Now I'm blue; you'd be too If you were in love with a runaway, a little runaway girl Although she may not feel this love the way that I do Each night & day I'll pray that someday maybe she'll come through & then... I know I won't be a lonely boy with my runaway girl 'Cause now I'll be more than just a toy for my runaway girl If she comes back to me I'll be free, then you'll see Oh, my heart will sing & be glad again with my runaway girl

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